Eternal Radiance: 18K Gold Oval Diamond Ring

$ 44,000

Experience the epitome of luxury with our Eternal Radiance Oval Diamond Ring, weighing 8.40 grams in exquisite 18K gold. The star of the show is a GIA-certified 7.50 carat oval diamond, boasting VS clarity and F+ color for exceptional brilliance. Priced at $44,000, this ring is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of eternal love and sophistication, a timeless investment in refined elegance.

Behold the breathtaking beauty of the Eternal Radiance Oval Diamond Ring, a masterpiece of elegance weighing 8.40 grams in luxurious 18K gold. This ring features a mesmerizing oval-shaped diamond, GIA certified with VS clarity and F+ color, totaling an impressive 7.50 carats. Priced at $44,000, it is a symbol of eternal love and a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship.

Product Details:

  • Material: 18K Gold
    • Weight: 8.40 grams
  • Stone: Oval Diamond (GIA Certified)
    • Carat Weight: 7.50 carats
    • Color: F+ (Near Colorless)
    • Clarity: VS (Very Slightly Included)

Key Features:

  1. Exquisite Oval Shape: The centerpiece of this ring is an exquisite oval-shaped diamond, renowned for its timeless and flattering design.
  2. Luxurious Gold Setting: Crafted in 18K gold weighing 8.40 grams, the setting enhances the brilliance of the diamond while ensuring enduring beauty.
  3. GIA Certified Diamond: The oval diamond is GIA certified, providing assurance of its quality, cut, color, and clarity.
  4. Impressive Carat Weight: With a substantial 7.50 carats, this diamond ring makes a statement of opulence and refined taste.
  5. VS Clarity, F+ Color: The diamond boasts VS clarity (Very Slightly Included) and F+ color (Near Colorless), ensuring exceptional brilliance and purity.
  6. Symbol of Eternal Love: Priced at $44,000, this ring is a luxurious and timeless symbol of everlasting love and commitment.


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